3rd: Echo/EKG/X-Ray

Heart Month 2020
PCHA-CO Photo Challenge

February 3rd: Echo/EKG/X-Ray

I don’t have any recent photos of any of these procedures because typically we’re so busy trying to get Jonathan to lay still it’s not the best photo op. Here’s an EKG photo from 2017. I’d love to tell you how many echos, EKGs, and x-rays he has had but it is beyond what I can count. I’d say an echo and EKG are done at 90% of his cardiac check ups and were routine every few days during the times he has been hospitalized. During his first few months of life outside of the hospital his cardiac appointments were 1-2x/week. Then it became every other week, once a month and eventually every 6 weeks. Chest X-rays happen every time he is sick. At one point in the hospital when he had NEC he was having a chest xray every 12 hours for about a week then daily for 2 weeks.
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