Courage Classic 2019

The 2019 ride is finished but the Cardiac Climbers alongside the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation can always use your support!

The Courage Classic is coming July 20-21!

Every year the Cardiac Climbers participate in the Courage Classic to raise money for the The Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado

This year we are so honored to have Ian Talbot dedicating his ride to Jonathan. Ian’s wife Alyse was one of the amazing nurses who cared for Jonathan in the CPCU after his first heart surgery. At the time Alyse was pregnant and had a toddler at home. As a mom and a nurse who worked in a hospital setting while pregnant, I (Christina) could relate to Alyse. I knew the sacrifices she and her family, made on a daily basis for her to be at the hospital with us.

One afternoon while holding Jonathan I confessed to her my heartbreak of being a terrible mother and fear that Jonathan didn’t know me because I could only spend a few hours with him every day. Alyse talked to me about the bond between mother and child and assured me Jonathan knew me. I hung on to that hope and reassurance and she was absolutely right.

Moments like those are what make Heart Institute nurses like Alyse so special. Not only do they care for the critical medical needs of their patients, they support the entire family beyond the medical care. We are so very grateful for nurses and their supportive families, like Alyse, her sons and husband Ian.

Please consider supporting Ian in his Courage Classic ride! If you’d like to cheer the riders on the ride will be taking place at Copper Mountain July 20-21st, hope to see you there!