Fontan Update

For anyone not following the Facebook page, Jonathan’s Fontan was just finished. Surgery went well and he’ll be taken back to the Cardiac ICU soon. We’re praying for a smooth recovery with no complications. We’ll try to update again soon when we are able to see him.

Unexpected Victory

You know those moments, when you are so filled with hope for your child’s future, over something your child has accomplished, that you’re brought to tears? I had one today. I don’t share a lot about my oldest son Ethan. I had him when I was young and incredibly naïve about the world. I wasn’t … More Unexpected Victory

3rd: Echo/EKG/X-Ray

Heart Month 2020PCHA-CO Photo Challenge February 3rd: Echo/EKG/X-Ray I don’t have any recent photos of any of these procedures because typically we’re so busy trying to get Jonathan to lay still it’s not the best photo op. Here’s an EKG photo from 2017. I’d love to tell you how many echos, EKGs, and x-rays he … More 3rd: Echo/EKG/X-Ray