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Fb update 3/10/17

We typically keep our personal life relatively private from social media. However, at this time we realize we need the support and prayers of our friends and family. It has been a week since we received the life-altering news that baby boy #4, Jonathan has been diagnosed with an extremely rare and lethal heart defect. Upon birth he will need immediate and aggressive intervention to survive. This will require us to temporarily relocate (closer to Children’s Hospital) for several weeks before and after his arrival.
Each doctor we have met with has confirmed that this is not caused by something I did or didn’t do during the pregnancy. It isn’t caused by age or genetics. As one specialist put it “for lack of a better medical term it is simply ‘bad luck.'” Fortunately, we don’t believe in “luck.” We believe in God and we’re asking him for a miracle. He’s a big God and none of this is too big for him.
I am a christian so I’m not afraid of death. I am a hospice nurse so I’m not afraid of the dying process. I am a mother and my heart hurts.
We’re sorry you have to learn this here instead of from us directly. This is not easy news to relive over and over. Each time we share it we see the devastation you feel for us. It hurts and we also hate ruining your day. We know you don’t know what to say, and that’s okay. We simply ask you to pray. Pray for us, pray for our boys, pray for our precious Jonathan.

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