Blasphemous Rumors

My favorite band growing up was Depeche Mode. They were a 1980’s electro-sync pop group that had various songs that for one reason or the other spoke to me in my teen/college years as the angst of my “misunderstood” youth raged with the passion of a thousand suns as the mounting pressures to perform on … More Blasphemous Rumors

I just can’t…

“They say sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. And right now, right now I’m losing bad. I’ve stood on this stage night after night, reminding the broken it’ll be alright. But right now, oh right now I just can’t. It’s easy to sing, when there’s nothing to bring me down. But what will … More I just can’t…

Rest Easy

  One more mile ’til I lay rest I have put myself through this rigid test But the mile has never ended, no distance has been gained I do not see greatness I wanted to obtain Apparently Elijah decided he’d had enough of his brothers hogging all of the attention and jumped in on the … More Rest Easy

Quick Update

We’ve had a million and two doctor appointments since I last updated on how Jonathan is doing. Between the chaos of Josiah being sick, and then the rest of us (minus Ethan thankfully) picking up this horrible cold that I will always look back on as “the plague,” we haven’t had a lot of free … More Quick Update