2nd: Diagnosis

Heart Month 2020 PCHA – CO Photo Challenge February 2nd: Diagnosis March 2, 2017: 19 week anatomy scan – We walked in laughing and joking in eager anticipation of seeing our baby boy. Less than an hour later we stumbled out sobbing unsure of our baby’s fate. On March 3rd, the very next day, we … More 2nd: Diagnosis

1st: Date of Birth – July 21, 2017

Pediatric Congenital Heart Association ColoradoHeart Month 2020 Photo Challenge 1st: Date of Birth Jonathan entered the world around 8:15am at Children’s Hospital Colorado. In all honesty I (Christina) don’t remember the exact time. As a woman giving birth it was a terrible labor, delivery and post partum experience. I have zero kind things to say … More 1st: Date of Birth – July 21, 2017


It is 3am on Thanksgiving morning. I am awake. I’m not doing any type of “super mom” turkey preparation, I just can’t sleep. Any other day I’d be filled with frustration at every minute that passes of not being able to fall back to sleep. Today though, I am thankful. I am thankful as I … More Thankful